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What's Hot in TxEIS

Volume 3 | Issue 2 | 3.0.0000



The new Accumulated Depreciation Report (BAM2050) provides a list of all assets that are accumulating depreciation annually or are fully depreciated with their respective recovery periods. You can sort by item number or property class.


The new Flexible Attendance Student Detail report (SAT5100), a detail report of the data from the Flexible Attendance District Summary (SAT5000), displays data from Maintenance > Flexible Attendance > Weekly Register Worksheet providing totals by week, and includes all eligible/ineligible attendance minutes including special program minutes.


The TSDS application is here! See some of the enhancements here. And it's ready to go for the PEIMS Summer submission, too. Get in touch with your Education Service Center with any questions about anything. TxEIS: always moving you forward.


New Help: In order to provide you with the best product possible, we're updating how we create Help. You'll still get the same great content (and it works the same: just click Help), but you'll notice some changes to the way it's presented. Right now it's available in Scheduling and Test Scores, but will be rolling out to more applications this summer. Want to know some more? Check out the start page for it.

Meet our newest reports:

  • Campus/District Multi-Track Summary Report (SAT0920). It provides multi-track campus or district summary reports that meet the audit documentation requirements specified in Section 2.3 of the Student Attendance Accounting Handbook. Run it for the current year by school year or by semester or cycle. The report provides the eligible/ineligible attendance days present and absent, special program contact hours, and employee full-time equivalencies (FTEs). Cumulative ADA and FTE numbers are also listed. The totals generated on the report are reported to PEIMS during the third submission and are part of the equation for determining the school district's funding for the next school year. It's important. So we made sure you had it.
  • Graded Assignments by Teacher (SGR0425). This one gives you a list of all instructors at the campus and the number of assignments for each of their courses, the total assignments for the course, and the number of assignments that have been graded. The total number of students in the class is also displayed.

Coming Soon

Keep your eyes peeled for the newly rewritten TSDS application (replacing PEIMS). You can read about some of the features here.

Message from Jennifer Carver
TCC Component Director, TxEIS Programming Services

When I was a kid, discovering all the little treasures in my Christmas stocking was just as exciting as opening up the big presents. Our stockings were literally overflowing with small treats and inexpensive baubles, all thoughtfully selected by my mom. The toe of the stocking held an orange and a handful of walnuts in the shell. The orange and walnuts served a purpose: they filled the space in the toe of the stocking and help it to keep its shape, ensuring that the stocking looked nice as it hung beside the fireplace on Christmas morning. But they were also gifts that my mother received in her stocking when she was a young girl. Her family was not very well off and the orange and a handful of walnuts was a special treat. My sister and I asked year after year why we had them, and we got the same two stories. We usually cast those aside into the family fruit bowl - neither of us liked nuts, and the oranges weren't anything special compared to the plethora of sugary treats available to us. As time went on, however, I began to appreciate the oranges and walnuts - they still went into the fruit bowl, and I still to this day don't like walnuts - but they had become a tradition. And even more so a reminder to be thankful for all the blessings that I have received. A gesture not to forget those who are less fortunate. And a symbol of how the small stuff really is the big stuff.

We have recognized that the same goes for the TxEIS software: eliminating a few extra key strokes, making it easier to navigate from one application to another, introducing smart searches and easier ways to search for a select staff and students - all small stuff that can make a big difference. With this software release we are introducing new special program filter options on Student application reports. We have made it easier to select a vendor by name or number in the Business applications. And we have improved the process for including signatures on checks. See below for more details on these improvements and other 'small stuff' that we hope will have a big impact.

On behalf of the TxEIS Programming staff, I wish you peace and joy this holiday season. And a few oranges and walnuts as reminders to enjoy what really matters.

What's New in TxEIS 3.0.0000
and txSuite 2.11.0?

Business System


Because you asked for it! The General Ledger Inquiry page was added to perform quick inquiries on general ledger data. The GL Inquiry tab lets you inquire into processed, current period or next period data. Need to know about total balances by accounting period and year? The GL History - Accounting Period tab is what you need. And finally the GL History - EOM tab displays data for current balances at the end of the month process for the selected accounting period. You get a .csv file to sort and filter to your heart's content.

Human Resources

In preparation for the upcoming Employee Access Leave Requests there have been some enhancements made to the Human Resources application.

  • Employee Access for Supervisors has the Employee/Supervisor and Next Line Supervisor tabs to assign employees to supervisors and supervisors to campuses in order to determine the workflow for leave requests submitted in Employee Access. And you can use a .txt file to import data.
  • The Units tab defines hours or days to be used when calculating leave requests.
  • Leave Campuses simply designate the leave campus and department assignments.

Tax Time

In preparation for the tax season, TxEIS has added a couple of pages. Remember that you always get our trusted federal reporting at no extra cost to you.

  • The ACA 1095 Codes page has three tabs that manage user- and IRS-defined 1095-B and 1095-C codes and descriptions.
  • To manage imputed income data per tax year, the Imputed Income page was added as well as a new tables page and an extract.


There are lots of new changes for Purchasing all based around bids. Here are some of the highlights and a list of new reports. Contact your local ESC for more information about any of this information.

  • Create/Modify Bid: Pretty self-explanatory. Create a new bid from existing requisition bid line items. Or you can modify an existing bid.
  • Request Vendor Quote: Select from a list of vendors from which you want a request for quotation for certain items.
  • Vendor Responses: Manage your vendor responses to bid solicitations. 
  • Award Bid: As you'd expect, you use this page to award a bid to a vendor as well as create a purchase order based on the approved bid details.
  • Reports:
    • Request for Quotation Report (REQ2000)
    • Bid Tabulation Report (REQ2050)
    • Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Report (REQ2100)
    • Outstanding Bid Requisitions Report (REQ2150)
    • Bid Requisition Status Report (REQ2200)
    • Purchase Order Log (REQ2250)
    • Outstanding Purchase Orders Request (REQ2300)
    • Open PO Report (REQ2350)
    • Purchase Order Items Recieved Report (REQ2400)

The electronic signatures process has been updated. No need to upload and encrypt signature files in specific applications. Simply upload in District Administration, choose the settings and uploaded signatures can be used across the Business applications. Easy as pie.

Combined search fields

  • In Human Resources Employee Name and Number search fields have been combined so users can use the same search field to look for either.
  • While over in Finance and Purchasing, the Vendor Number and Sort Key/Name fields have become the Vendor search field in which you can search by vendor name or number.

Student System

Student Directory for Reports

You can now, in the student directory, filter students by the special programs in which they are enrolled.

Attendance Minutes

This is a big change to how your instruction time is calculated. For more information about what changes there are, check out this flyer.

In short, Minimum Daily Minutes and Shortened Minimum Daily Minutes fields were added to for TEA-defined minutes of instruction per day. Daily Minutes and Shortened Daily Minutes were added for LEA-defined minutes, which can be more but not less than the TEA-defined minutes. Plus four new Day Type Selections were added to the campus calendar.

For more detailed information, click on the link for the flyer above, or contact your local ESC.

Court Order

Sometimes discipline incidents are restricted by court order. The new Court Order tab in Discipline will allow you to add those incidents so that they do not appear anywhere else in TxEIS (no pages or reports). Set up security for the tab like you do for all other pages and tabs, in the Security Administration application.



When you're enrolling a new student, you'll only have to enter your home address once. The information will now be available for you to use whenever you need to enter it again. Just another way that txConnect is streamlining the enrollment process.

When there is "no evidence of mastery" for a student on standards-based assignments, teachers can now leave notes that will be visible on the Cycle Grades page in txConnect (see the next paragraph).


You can now add a note to standards-based assignments when "no evidence of mastery" could be determined. And you can even display the comment to the parents in txConnect.

Display any of five different types of notes on the Student Notes Report: Course Notes, Student Course Notes, Course Assignment Notes, Student Assignment Notes and IPR Notes.

txConnect Administrator

You just spent some time getting that form just the way you want it. Now you want to see how it's going to look in txConnect, right? No problem. Just click the Preview Form button and have a look. And once you know it's what you need, you can copy it by clicking Copy Form (as New). Re-title it and you've got a copy. Easy. 

txGradebook Administrator

There are lots of improvements to reports in this Release. Here are some of the best ones.

The Graded Assignment Count report lets you view a teacher's number of graded assignments for a specified date range by course or by category. Even search for teachers with, say, under five graded assignments.

For the Cycle (in txGradebook), Semester and Final Grade Range reports, we added the Show Blank Grades and Show Incomplete Grades. You'll be able to see these no matter what you put in the Maximum grade and Minimum grade fields. 

The Admin Options section on the Missing Exam Grades allows admins logged in to txGradebook to run the report for all courses at the campus.

The Student Grades Report has replaced the UIL Report and UIL Group Report and provides a list of students' working cycle averages for all their courses. It also provides an option to show only students and courses that are UIL eligible.

50 years – Education Service Centers in Texas

The Education Service Center system turns 50 this year. To celebrate, the ESC-20 has some fun things lined up throughout the year. Here are a some images for Crazy Hat Day, Crazy Sock Day and Welcome Fall Day. TxEIS is on the ball, that's for sure. And we'd like to say to all our clients, "Thank you! We couldn't do it without you."

Bring in the Best

CareerPortal, Texas Computer Cooperative's latest addition, is an online job recruitment and applicant management application. Flexible, powerful, a breeze to administer, simple to navigate and a delight to use, both as a business and as an applicant, CareerPortal is fast becoming one of Texas's favorite job recruitment tool. For more information, contact your local Education Service Center or visit us online

Krista Hall

Meet the TCC

Krista Hall

TxEIS Student Support Specialist


Q. How long have you worked at the TCC?

A. I am a TxEIS Student Support Specialist at Region 11 in Fort Worth and have worked with TCC for 6 years.

Q. What were one or two of your favorite projects you’ve worked on at the TCC?

A. At Region 11 we have a new “Shadowing” program that is tied in with our evaluations and goals. I had a great opportunity to shadow at TCC in the Documentation Department. They not only graciously welcomed me I learned a great deal and have a greater appreciation for all they do for us. What a great experience and such a fun time.

Q. What’s something you enjoy doing when you get home or on the weekends?

A. I signed up for and have had such fun tracing my family. I, like the man in the commercial, was so surprised to find out how so many of my ancestors are from Scotland and not Ireland. It now makes me want to take a road trip to see where my ancestors lived.

Q. Do you have any pets?

A. We inherited my mother’s toy poodle, Josie and she is a great addition to the family.

Current TxEIS Version: 3.0.0000

  • Release Date: 12/2/16

Current txSuite Version: 2.11.0

  • Release Date: 12/2/16

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